Ryanair to offer transatlantic flights for

Ryanair to offer transatlantic flights for

Good old Ryanair it’s always nice to see them flying a kite as well as flying their planes.
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Michael O’Leary is an excellent businessman and no doubt he is casting covetous eyes at the highly lucrative transatlantic long haul route,
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But competition on it is ferocious with practically a conveyor belt of planes from commercial aviation’s big boys such as British Airways, American Airlines,
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Can a low cost transatlantic model really work? Freddie Laker famously tried it in the in the Seventies and early Eighties with his Skytrain and ended up with Britain’s then biggest corporate failure.

But there is a low cost precedent Icelandic carrier WOW is about to commence one way lead in flights from Gatwick to Boston via Reykjavik.

And in 2013 Norwegian Airways began US operations from Gatwick with one way tickets currently around to New York. But then again it’s just posted thumping losses,
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Clearly, flying to the USA for a tenner within five years would be absolutely fantastic for British consumers.

But even if it gets off the ground how many tickets at that price would actually be available? My guess is bar a few loss leaders to tempt passengers, not very many and the rest of the seats will be nowhere near that cheap.

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Eyes on the prize: Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary is looking at the lucrative transatlantic market

Talking of seats, while Ryanair’s relatively spartan planes are fine for a couple of hours to Europe (my last flight with them in February was perfectly acceptable with helpful cabin crew and indeed landed early), exactly what level of comfort will there be for an eight hour trip? Will the seats recline?

And where is Ryanair going to get its long haul aircraft from? There’s a huge waiting list for the likes of the fuel efficient Boeing Dreamliner and Airbus A350. Surely Mr O’Leary won’t want inefficient old gas guzzlers for his new routes? What take off and landing slots will it get at Stansted,
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How do you run a low cost model which relies on a fast turn round at airports when there’s a hold full of luggage to empty? Short haul flights tend to have a much higher proportion of cabin bags against hold bags and can turn round quickly.

And the same crew clearly cannot operate the return flight and there will need to be a fresh crew and hotel accommodation for the original crew. Long haul is a very different game and all this does not come cheap,
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USA for a tenner? Don’t hold your breath.

Ryanair should stick to what it does very well. Namely offering good value short haul flights to Europe that (thankfully) now come with allocated seating.

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