Of course all this research is great

Most people have at least one filling and these restorations do need renewing every so often as they can crumble and leak, putting the tooth at risk of further infection and decay. But now researchers have made a breakthrough in a new type of dental material which is a special kind of bioactive glass. The hope is that this new material could help reduce mouth bacteria’s ability to attack tooth colored composite resin fillings. There’s even the possibility that the bioactive glass could help provide some of the minerals lost during tooth decay.

This is an extremely important breakthrough as being able to prolong the life of composite fillings could prove to be very significant. Each year more than 122 million composite fillings are made and placed in the US alone. Research has found that the average person will chew 600,
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Bioactive glass is not a new invention as it has been successfully used in some types of bone healing for decades. However this kind of glass is only beginning to be utilized in dentistry and it’s been found that mouth bacteria that cause cavities do not seem to like this type of bioactive glass and are less likely to build up on fillings which include it. The bioactive glass contains various compounds such as calcium oxide,
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How Can It Help Dental Health?

Hopefully the bioactive glass will help prolong the life of fillings as researchers shown that the and its use will help slow down any secondary tooth decay while providing some of the minerals that are lost as a result of tooth decay. The result should be a longer lasting filling that will work every bit as well as conventional composite resin fillings.

Of course all this research is great,
wholesale cheap ray ban sunglasses, but what happens if you need a filling right now? The Central Park South Dental Care uses the very latest composite resin fillings to repair teeth and while these fillings may not yet incorporate bioactive glass,
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wholesale ray ban sunglasses, preventing mouth bacteria from entering. If you need a slightly larger filling then we may well suggest you have a porcelain inlay or onlay. This is harder and longer lasting than composite resin and will repair your tooth nearly invisibly. We also keep a close eye on any fillings you might have so we can make sure they are replaced when required.

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