Clifton College Bristol teacher jailed after admitting secret filming

Clifton College Bristol teacher jailed after admitting secret filming,
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"The way he’s behaved is abhorrent it’s a massive breach of trust, an invasion of privacy. and when you imagine the position he’s in in relation to his victims he’s captured them doing the most private of acts,
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Coach Cyber Monday," she said."But there was the general feeling he was too close to the boys."’Quite extraordinary’Dr Lauren Devine, a senior lecturer in law at the University of the West of England, said the case questioned the level of safeguarding that exists in schools."The fact this has gone on for 16 years is quite extraordinary and unusual in the level of subterfuge that would have had to have taken place to remain undetected," she said.Clifton College was founded in 1862 and describes itself on its website as "a leading independent public school". The annual fee for boarders is about 30,
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