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Principle, and helped put "Your Love" and "Baby Wants to Ride" out on vinyl after these tunes had been regulars on his reel to reel player at the Warehouse. He also produced the house classic "Tears" with Robert Owens (of Fingers, Inc.). House was initially cruder and less polished than disco, a reflection of its blue collar origins. Knuckles was hardly the only innovator in the scene, as Marshall Jefferson, Ron Hardy, Steve "Silk" Hurley, Farley "Jackmaster" Funk and dozens more also played key roles. By the late Knuckles and many of his peers were stars in Europe emerging rave scene. Knuckles would often joke that he could walk down the middle of the street in Chicago and not be recognized, yet would be greeted by cheering fans when he would arrive at European airports for overseas DJ gigs. wasn frustrated by that, not at all, he said. not the kind of person that lives for fame and glory. If I got a nice, clean home and can put a meal on my
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How to Prevent Alzheimer’s The answer is still "we don’t know," but we’re getting closer. Alzheimer’s is not normal in the course of aging, and it’s more than "a decline in memory." People suffering from Alzheimer’s, through progressive destruction of brain cells, lose the ability to think, reason, learn and communicate, and also undergo personality changes. For the ten warning signs of Alzheimer’s go here:Although around 12 million people worldwide have Alzheimer’s, and 4 4.5 million in the US, research in this field is still new and not enough is known about either prevention or cure. Much of the research "suggests" but is not conclusive. The biggest risk factor is aging, with about 50% of people over 85 years of age having Alzlheimer’s in the US. According to some sources, there’s evidence it has the same risk factors as for heart disease: high blood pressure, high cholesterol and elevated homocysteine, a protein building block. In an article called "Homocysteine is a Strong

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