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first. The following events we have had to piece together since he doesn’t really remember any of it. He got back to the hotel and starts banging on doors until some girls we barely know let him into their room. He passes out face down on their floor and even though he snores horribly they let him stay. Well, at some point in the night he gets thirsty and gets up to find a drink. He finds a partially full glass of water by the sink and downs it. Unfortunately for him, this wasn’t water but one of the girl’s contacts lenses and solution. This plus this belly full of beer must have set off a reaction because he starts to feel a rumbly in his tumbly. However, in his drunken haze he mistook the foldout luggage rack as the toilet. So he popped a squat right on top of it and the poop fell between the bands to the floor. So he finishes his business and passes out again. He woke up the next morning before the girls, who were all sleeping with their covers over their heads due to the unknown smell,

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