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How to Tell If Your Teen Daughter Is Stealing

Teens engage in risk taking behavior for a variety of reasons. A teen who steals might be begging for parental attention or she might be trying to express uncomfortable emotions, according to the American Academy of Child Adolescent Psychiatry. Look carefully at the signs and symptoms of your child behavior to determine whether your teenager daughter could be stealing.

Step 1

Search your teenager room. If you begin to find expensive items in your daughter possession with no explanation of where she got them or how she paid for them,
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Step 2

Look for discarded price tags and product packaging. A teen girl who is stealing will have trash to discard. She might try to hide these items in the trash or she might stash them elsewhere in an attempt to hide them from you. The price tags are likely to come from expensive items that your teen would not have had the ability to buy.

Step 4

Watch your teen when she has the opportunity to steal. Watch for your daughter to slip items into a pocket or bag. After confronting your daughter, insist that she return the item from wherever it came,
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