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5 Best Paintings of Women in HistoryThe place of women through the world history was quite distinct: they served for aesthetic pleasure; their beauty was worshipped and immortalizes in canvas. This short list of well known paintings will show you pictures that cost a small fortune and are a real dream for any art connoisseur.
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Painting With Light EffectsKnowing how to paint light and shadow is crucial in art. Some styles like Impressionism rely almost entirely on light treatment and if you can do it, you aren going anywhere.

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Tips on Mixing ColorsThe task of an artist is to depict the world in all its colors and nuances. Whether it the silver tones of winter, green exuberance of spring or warm palette of autumn painting the town red, you need to know how to transfer these shades onto canvas .

Oil Painting Techniques How to Apply Glazes?In painting, glazing refers to applying a thin transparent layer of paint over another, dry layer to build up or modify the underlying color. This is one of the most widely used acrylic, watercolor and oil painting techniques that will add luminosity and depth to your artwork which can be achieve

Published in Visual Art on September 30, 2015

Digital Trends in PaintingThis kind of art is only finding its place in the family of visual arts and faces with many difficulties, but it gains more and more popularity with each day, so you should know the main tendencies.

Published in Advertising on September 14, 2015

How to Paint WaterPainting water might seem a real challenge for a beginner in art. On the other hand, it presents the easiest painting subject since it consists of repetitive elements. And once you learn how to depict the waves, you be able to create as many variations of a waterscape as you want.
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How to Paint HorsesHorses are beautiful and graceful animals associated with nobility, power and freedom. Is it any wonder we adore them so much? A horse painting will make a great dcor choice for any room. But making it look realistic can pose a challenge even for an experienced artist.

5 Old Paintings You Should KnowThe art of the 21th century is called odd, unconventional and even crazy. But if we go back to the beginning of its history, we will find a great number of old paintings that are as marvelous as modern creations, or maybe even better.

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