according to the current Liberal government.In its 2016 budget

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileAs tax time approaches, this is the last year Ontario parents will be able to get a refund for enrolling their kids in activities like piano lessons, minor hockey or Girl Guides.The province is cutting the Children’s Activity Tax Credit starting in Jan. 2017. It’s a move that will save the province $15 million this fiscal year,
fashion handbags, $50 million in 2017 18 and $55 million in 2018 19.Ontario budget 2016: How Kathleen Wynne is taking from the richer to give to the poorerFor families, this means they will no longer be able claim $560 on their tax returns. The credit also gave families up to $56 back for each child under 16 and $112 back for a child with a disability below the age of 18.Sarah Woodruff,
fashion handbags sale, a kineseology professor at the University of Windsor specializing in healthy families, said the tax credit didn’t work out as intended because it only covered organized sports and activities."The problem is it’s only with organized sports," she said. "If you wanted to buy your kids running shoes to play in the park or stakes to go play on the pond in the neighbourhood, it wouldn’t be covered."Sarah Woodruff, a professor at the University of Windsor, says the Child Activity Tax Credit didn’t work for low income families. (Alex Brockman/CBC)The credit couldn’t do much for lower income families who weren’t able to afford the initial costs of sports and other activities, Woodruff said."It’s only really for the middle and upper class families because families have to pay out of pocket to register their child and then carry that cost until tax time," she said. "You had to be able to afford the program in order for you to reap those benefits."’Healthy,
cheap fake michael kors, active, engaged kids’Former premier Dalton McGuinty introduced the activity tax credit in 2010,
fake bags, copying the federal Children’s Fitness Tax Credit. At the time,
discount fake michael kors, McGuinty said it would help parents raise "healthy, active, engaged kids."Things have changed since then, according to the current Liberal government.In its 2016 budget, the government says about half of the 675,000 families claiming the tax break have household incomes above $100,000."The Children’s Activity Tax Credit primarily benefits higher income families who are less likely to need it to pay for children’s activities,
fake bags," according to a line in this year’s provincial budget.For parents who are concerned about their kids’ activity time, Woodruff says healthy lifestyles should start at home."One of the things I think is the best way is to model that behaviour yourself," Woodruff said. "Parents can get active with their children. That’s the best way to try and get them active."

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