4 Useful Cleaning Tricks For New Parents

Bringing a new baby at home is a very special moment in life for all parents. It is a moment filled with love and joy but also a time when parents encounter a whole new set of chores, harder than ever before. So if you want to spend more time with your newborn baby, you must have some simple tricks to clean and arrange easily your messy home.

Use my favourite methods and your home will be easily maintained during your busy days.

Having three children, I know why it is so important for your house to be free of toxic fumes. Babies explore their world with every sense they have so the first thing you should do is buy non toxic and eco friendly cleaners.

If you are an expecting parent, you should have a cleaning kit. Make sure you include only environmental friendly cleaning supplies. Brands like Method have a great line up of non toxic cleaning products.

Method Dish Soap very gentle cleaner for all the baby bottles that accumulate every day;

Method Pink Grapefruit All Purpose Cleaner keeps surfaces shining;

Method Juicy Pear Hand Wash and Method Lemon Mint Foaming Hand Wash keeps the germs away;

Method Daily Shower Spray keeps things clean after each shower;

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Method Free and Clear Laundry Detergent;

You’ll also need some Easy Erasers, a microfiber duster, brushes, and rags to get any cleaning job done quickly.

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Cleanse the Air by Adding Plants in Your Home

Did you know that air in your home is few times more polluted than outside? If you air out your home by only opening the windows, you must know that it is not enough. The most effective way to maintain higher air quality for your newborn baby is to put plants inside your home. You can put in your nursery certain plants because they help clean up to 90% of the toxins out of the air in less than one day. The most preferred plants from new parents are Aloe Vera, Spider Plants and Sansevieria.

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Give Older Siblings a Cleaning Cupboard

While mom and dad are caring for their new baby, the big siblings have free time to help out with the cleaning chores. So you can hand them out the cleaning tools. This will not only give them something to do, but it will make them feel helpful and give you a little time to rest. But if you don’t have another child to help you, hiring local cleaners is the easiest way to make your home disinfected for your newborn baby.

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Our third baby was born five months ago and then me and my family moved to a bigger house in Melbourne. It was then that I made the wise decision to hire cleaners and cleanse our home for our newborn baby.

The baby chair gets dirty very quickly and it is hard to be cleaned. But with my little trick, the task can be done effortlessly and in no time. You can start by taking off any pads and other removable items. After this, make a mixture in a spray bottle of vinegar and a little bit of Method dish soap. Then spray all over the high chair and let it sit for twenty minutes. Scrape away any gunk by using a plastic putty knife and lastly, wipe clean with a wet cloth.

The time with a new baby is wonderful but it is often messy. Although if you follow my simple methods, you will keep your home fresher with minimal effort.

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