6 Companies You Did Not Know Were High How can buy and hold investors benefit from breakthroughs like big data, mobile and cloud computing? As tempting as it might be to chase the record profits that pure play tech can produce, it might be worthwhile to look beyond the volatile industry. Consider three of the biggest tech names: Apple, Microsoft and Dell. All are struggling with low valuations and unhappy shareholders. Constant upgrade cycles and hyper competitive markets are not what everyone wants in a long term investment. A less risky buy and hold option might be shares of a company that builds a better brand on the back of breakthrough technologies. "Old economy companies using technology to their advantage can really produce great things using the best of the new and the old," says Michael Pachter, technology research analyst for Wedbush Securities. Here are six firms you might not think of as technology companies, but that are rewiring themselves to position their venerable brands for future growth:
19 Hot Jobs That Pay It’s been 26 years since Gordon Gekko of Wall Street pronounced greed is good. We won’t take it that far. What we would say, however, is that paying your bills on time is excellent. Saving some money each pay period is spectacular. Having resources to splurge from time to time is magnificent. The key to enjoying those types of luxuries is finding a good paying job. Our Best Jobs of 2013 features a buffet of remunerative occupations spanning the six industries we cover,wholesale jerseys, even the stereotypically starving artist filled creative industry. Here are those 19 jobs, where both earnings and employment opportunity are ample: 1. Art Director Average Wage: $95,500 Those professionals responsible for conceptualizing and actualizing the style and image of a publication and product made nearly $100,000 in 2011,cheap jerseys china, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). It’s not hard to understand why, when you consider the job’s assorted duties, which include spearheading the overall "look" of a publication,

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