first," said David Tyree, one of the first witnesses at the scene following the accident. "You couldn’t even see the westbound (lanes), because there was so much smoke. Once you got to (the other side), you could see all the cars smashed up under there." The driver of the silver Dodge pickup, Nemeth F. He was an employee with the state Division of Forest Resources, the agency confirmed Friday night, and had been an employee since June 2006. Wyatt, 20, and Harris, both of Statesville, were transported to Duke University Hospital. Wyatt was doing well, and the fetus was fine Saturday morning, Trooper John Collins said. He also suffered arm and leg injuries, but family members said they are "optimistic," Collins said. The tractor trailer’s driver, James Hastings, Jr.,cheap jerseys china, 54, of Mebane, was taken to the Jaycee Burn Center at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill. He was still listed in critical condition and being sedated for pain early Saturday afternoon,wholesale jerseys, emergency officials said. The driver of the red
showing you everything it had to offer. The last place he showed you was the stage, where you stood and faced the empty arena, the size shocking you. place is amazing, you said quietly, feeling two hands find their way to your waist and spin you around. Ashton pulled you close to him, resting his forehead on yours. missed you so much, he whispered and you smiled, leaning and and placing a kiss on his lips. You both pulled away suddenly when there was the interruption of someone clearing their throat and you looked past Ashton shoulder to see Niall Horan from One Direction standing their with a smirk on his lips. time for your sound check, Ash, Niall walked over and pointed to the back of the stage where Luke, Cal, and Michael were all setting up, tuning their guitars and fixing the microphones. be back later, Ashton placed a peck on your nose before running off to his drum kit. You looked up at Niall and gave a small smile. Y/N, you introduced yourself and Niall shook your hand. Niall. Ashton talking about how

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