all together. Here is what you need to keep in mind when targeting a Millennial, from the perspective of a Millennial: 1. Don’t Insult Our Intelligence We’re a generation that can barely remember a world without the Internet, smart phones, Google. hell, MySpace is a fading memory in our minds. As a result, we’re quite possibly the most informed consumer generation ever to face marketing professionals. You can bet that, before we’ve made any major purchase, we will have researched it, asked our friends about it on social channels, and searched your reviews online. Lackluster, rushed special offers and overpriced products won’t work like they used to. We know what your doing, and we’re okay with it. If you’re trying to sell us a product,cheap jerseys, then sell us your product. While we might love sharing your thought provoking, emotional video on Facebook (and silently cry at our desks at work), we may never spend a dime on your product. Why? You didn’t show us how your product is actually necessary to our already full, multi
. Ages BurnAges: Appropriate for something ancient or immortal. If something’s origin is unclear,cheap jerseys china, can be used to imply a long history. A popular form is [X] of Ages. Angel: Usually a symbol of peace or the greater good. Can be used for contrast by representing a higher being without the moral connotations. Armor: It has connotations of strength, focusing more on impenetrability and invincibility than offensive power. Ashen: Good imagery. Ashes make us think of death or time passing, especially remnants of something that has faded. Atomic: Brings to mind atomic energy or the atomic bomb, plus gets a free pass for sounding sci fi. Black: Represents darkness, the unknown, or nothingness. Sounds good as a prefix or descriptor. Blade: Swords are already popular for their dramatic potential. In the context of knives, it sounds darker and less fantasy based. Blaze: Fire is powerful, destructive, and painful. It also brings up vivid mental images. Burn: Puts more emphasis on the aftereffects of a fire. Chaos FallenChaos:

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